Warning: Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

2022 Feb 28th

Arizer XQ@

The long awaited revamp of one of Arizer's most popular desktop dry herb vaporizers has arrived. The all new XQ2 is the culmination of over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing high quality products, and listening to feedback from our valued customers.

The choice is simple. Experience Why Arizer is Better By Design.

"Probably one of the biggest improvements that jumps straight out at us with the Arizer XQ2 is the introduction of a dedicated fan speed control that allows you to toggle between fan speeds easily. The dedicated fan speed control also allows for pre-heating of the bowl which we find helps in producing a much more consistent vapor throughout the session."

Considering that the Extreme Q could already reach a max vaping temperature of 260 degrees Celsius, there isn’t much headroom for the new Arizer XQ2 to improve on in terms of temperature flexibility. - TVape

The Arizer XQ2 is one of many top of the line vaporizers in stock at VapeLord in downtown North Bay. Follow us on Facebook for more.